The Visiting Tank


‘The Visiting Tank’ was written by Gerry Hemingway as part of a program of Chamber Works, originally performed and recorded for Tzadik Records in 1999. It was around that time that the war in former Yugoslavia had left it’s legacy of destruction and devastated so many lives. Gerry composed this piece in a kind of narrative format, imagining, in sound, a story about the war from the perspective of the children who survived it. The visuals were “scored” to the sound through the subjective layering of abstract and figurative imagery.

It’s was first shown as a projection behind a live musical performance as part of “Step Across the Border,” at the Kleintheater, Luzern, Switzerland. It has also been shown as a single channel video projection and was screened at the 10th Korea Experimental Arts Festival, and the BITT Festival in Seoul. The piece was refined in 2011 and presented as part of Screen Compositions 7, Experimental Intermedia, curated by Katherine Lieberovskaya.