Calling You (1 of 2)


“Calling you” is presented here as a single channel video. It took shape over time, growing out of a live, collaborative piece (which is still evolving) also called “Calling You.” This version includes a processed layer of Gerry Hemingway as he creates the sound as part of a live, interactive performance at Roulette in 2013.

The sound layers include Gerry playing a drum kit which is mixed, live with a pre-processed vignette of the tin pan alley song, “Indian Love Call” as performed by Slim Whitman from a deteriorated cassette recording. Gerry manipulates the envelope of this material through a volume pedal.

These sounds interact subtlety with the visual mix during the performance performance. As a layer of interface the sound can brightness, contrast, decay and transitions. As this piece developed into a stand alone video, I continued to shape the piece based on what I heard and felt. Over time the layers of content became more clear.

Visual sources include found footage from the internet; Edward Muybridge’s running buffalo, documentary footage of buffalos running in the western plains, 16 mm family movies of a family from Ohio, as well as 8mm movies shot by my dad, my processed textures including writing, a flock of Brooklyn pigeons and Gerry’s performance. The visual elements are mixed — live and edited, layered and organized, to create a subjective structure in relationship to that particular performance.