Behaviors: Solo with Cymbal


A collaboration with Gerry Hemingway.

This video is from a performance at the 2011 Nuit Blanche/Guelph International Jazz Festival, where the entire “Behaviors” piece was performed. It montages the performance of the ‘Piece for Solo Cymbal’ with the single screen video to offer a more dynamic experience of both the performance and the visual content and the way in which they are interwoven.

The sound in “Solo for Cymbal” is focused on a sustained landscape of cymbal harmonics generated primarily from bowing the cymbal with a bow designed normally for contrabass. The bowed cymbal is accompanied by a pre-recorded signal processing of the same cymbal (also bowed) which is faded in and out in real time by a volume pedal. The imagery, evolved out of a collaborative process, the square with light around its edges (like a solar eclipse,) was proposed by Gerry as a visual analog to the aural content. We also filmed the Gerry performing in my studio to capture some of the gestural content of the performance, which became another layer of material which I worked on intuitively, based on a previous performance for inspiration.