Behaviors: Solo for Cymbal

2010 – Present

A collaboration of Gerry Hemingway (composer/performer) & Beth Warshafsky (visual artist).

“Solo for Cymbal” is focused on a sustained landscape of cymbal harmonics generated primarily from bowing the cymbal with a bow designed normally for contrabass. In the version performed in this video the bowed cymbal is accompanied by a pre-recorded signal processing of the same cymbal (also bowed) which is faded in and out in real time by a volume pedal.

This particular performance is extracted from the 2011 Nuit Blanche/Guelph International Jazz Festival, where the entire “Behaviors” piece was performed. It montages the performance of the ‘Piece for Solo Cymbal’ with the single screen video to offer a more dynamic experience of both the performance and the visual content and the way in which they are interwoven.