Bruccenial 2012

My piece is in the 2nd photo from the top.
To the left, a wall piece with light.
To the right a small shiny screen framed in a white box.
The frame maker/designer, Kenji, standing in-between.
When the screen is on, a short loop repeats, in high contrast.
It is a text, drawing and drawing with text piece; SuddenFeeling.


March 10, 2012

Our bodies draw together,

hearts leaning into flesh.
soft, slump surrender.

Stopped because
your wife of 40 years

But, for one more yearning embrace,
our bodies colluding.

Restraint prevails,
the contradiction unravels
all in a moment, ended.

Your face familiar,
I know it well,
but it is someone else
I long for.

Your are too young
to have been married
so long.

Tango Practice with Eduardo

End of class: Luis & Daniella’s workshop.
Feb. 2012, Buenos Aires.

out to dance,
the night is long and morning too,

Learning about the slow stretch,
the soft shift,
a supple weight
Or sudden stop, kick, turn, thrust.
Stop, wrap, shift, pivot, soften.

Sensation between foot and hip
hand and chest,

The ever shifting axis of presence.