I tried to explain my position but
There were other things to consider.
When it was time to leave it was sudden.
In the water swimming hard and fast along with Margaux.
No sun, just a misty gray light of the expanse.
Dark waves and dark sky.
And in between the bears and fish and dolphins
We paddled breathlessly.
The efforts brought us to the shore
And then I remembered I had thrown my bag
Into the sea to lighten the load and
(Of course) there was no way it could be found now.
The list of all my cards, the tally of money.
But we had still accomplished something.

In Flight

So we looked up

to marvel at the

dip and bend of the plane

overhead frolicking

like a sea shark or dolphin or whale.

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Looking at the water, strewn with green seaweed, small frogs are taking form,
intwined between leaves.

The war has divided the island.

A woman serving food,
looks like my grandmother.
Shaking her not eat it, it is poison.
And the water?

War is happening, great movements abound.

A is fat but attractive.
What about his wife?

A teenage girl hurls herself at me.
You can’t ignore me she yells.


The kiss was soft–
we flurried–palpable
and pursued the entwining tenderness.

Kevin Bacon,
so recognized,
but I am confused as he
was not in character.

But there he is, near the place where our family was vacationing.
They meet, yes, this is Kevin.
Shep is helping dad with a new kinds of walker,
wooden planks, his hands grabbing along the floor,
yet, dad seems happy.

In kevin’s apartment a room/closet,
an assortment of quilts and old dresses.
Is he still married?

Other people, old ladies wander through.
Filling the space with their comings and goings.
I arrive in his room.
Pairings and partings.
“Come back tonight and we will
make love.” In his arms I probe,
“I thought you were happily married”

“I am but…my teenage daughter knows and it’s okay.”
Some reference to my parents divorce.
He is going to florida in morning and I will be leaving too.
He is fascinated by dance so I mention make an impression.
I am thinking I should withdraw, protect myself, but compelled
I am torn.

Downstairs an old woman, dancing..
tells me..Lyon cannot love a ghost.

To Florida tomorrow.

I am Calling You: Work in Progress.