The Visiting Tank was nominated in the Music Film category in the Film Festival International in Amsterdam which took place August 9-17th.

“The Visiting Tank” for string quartet and sampler was composed in a semi-narrative form. The musical work (composed in 1999) was inspired by an imagined child’s perspective on war in the setting of the dissolution of former Yugoslavia.  My visual response to the music started as a projection in 2010. It was part of  a live musical performance in ‘Step Across the Border,’ at the Kleintheater in Luzern, Switzerland.  Developing the visual counterpart to the pre-existing musical content, it became clear that literal references suggested in the “story” could be transformed in such a way that abstraction could co-exist with concrete pictorial content. Images are driven by movement, woven with abstract content, creating form in a manner analogous to sound composition.

I decided to rework The Visiting Tank this year, making it HD and finessing some of the painterly textures.

Pr from the Festival


Here is link to the Trailer.  When I am done ‘touching it’ I will re-post the whole piece.