The kiss was soft–
we flurried–palpable
and pursued the entwining tenderness.

Kevin Bacon,
so recognized,
but I am confused as he
was not in character.

But there he is, near the place where our family was vacationing.
They meet, yes, this is Kevin.
Shep is helping dad with a new kinds of walker,
wooden planks, his hands grabbing along the floor,
yet, dad seems happy.

In kevin’s apartment a room/closet,
an assortment of quilts and old dresses.
Is he still married?

Other people, old ladies wander through.
Filling the space with their comings and goings.
I arrive in his room.
Pairings and partings.
“Come back tonight and we will
make love.” In his arms I probe,
“I thought you were happily married”

“I am but…my teenage daughter knows and it’s okay.”
Some reference to my parents divorce.
He is going to florida in morning and I will be leaving too.
He is fascinated by dance so I mention make an impression.
I am thinking I should withdraw, protect myself, but compelled
I am torn.

Downstairs an old woman, dancing..
tells me..Lyon cannot love a ghost.

To Florida tomorrow.