I am returning home
this is not in sequence
Earlier, I watched as a woman
ran out the door, and hid
on a balcony in a man’s grand home.
He had been was threatening.

Am I in France?
it could be
Or with friends?
A couple, but there were three,
and one I feel some longing towards.

I am returning home.
 it should be soon.
The time I have left
depends on how I’m traveling.
I ask the man I’m drawn towards,
  though not too strongly. I have more time 
since I will take a boat.
The port is  close– just a short drive from here
  and there, too.
It doesn’t leave until 23:00,
he tells me, the man at the big house
who was dangerous but now is not.
 so is there time to see my friends, too?
The house is filled with people.
I am speaking in French.
She understands, a matriarch
herding a group together,
near the kitchen.
Upstairs is a large room for art making,
Rick appears suddenly saying
the Amiga computer
the fat man got doesn’t work.
Would he want mine?
 just a thought. Non.
We gather, watching the objects come to life,
animations made by the young girls upstairs.

I like it, they like me.

Why isn’t he scary anymore?
I am setting the table.
Clothe then blankets.
The surface scrubbed.
It will be a party.
The layers going on and off.
We move around the rooms in play.

Purposefully, too.
 do I still have time?
Intrigued, not ready yet —
 Dancing a peek and boo, 
This is only a visit. I don’t live here.
And the room upstairs has collapsed,
if I have some time, will I find my friends?
It is not yet even 5 o’clock.