I am not sure who my friend was.

A man. Young(ish).
We were both in Japan
on a bus leaving the airport.
Immediately we are in the country side.
This is so beautiful, look.
This is Japan!
The country side dotted with  little towns,
Kuni-gawa to no chīsana machi
How are we traveling?
What do you call this place?
Moving cut colored papers and with a thread.
Keiko is here but has to leave.
Are we still going in the right direction?
A small bus arrives with a friend of hers to pick us up.
We are returning to Tokyo where we will stay.
I am having trouble remembering the word
I speak a little Japanese.
The bus is huge, like a subway when we first get on.
The driver is boarding.
Eigo wa joozo desu ne.
(A few nights ago with pregnant woman
and me with bloody kotex, then later
telling someone I had dreamed they were
This meaning is lost to me.