In the air to Istanbul.
To remember it better.
A short trip.
I get out of the the underground and
move a little in a different direction.
Completely lost but for a moment.
There is a farm a sign which is the head of a donkey.
Not a horse.
And the modern station, on second glance
has truncated into three, old-fashioned tracks.
Where is everyone?

the group assembled around a table.
Mechtilde is there but I don’t know the others.

They present their work and at some point
we discuss my 4d project.
How to take several pictures from one.
How to simplify.

A woman starts showing her abstract yet representational
piece, a strange image, which becomes brown.
Computer generated steps appear.
I don’t like those and she says.
Those are my favorite I respond politlely.
Say…we should have a show.
Maybe back in Istanbul (it looks different in)

We move towards our lodging. I am staying with Mechtilde
in an indescript place.. away from the action.
Are these little green houses away from action too?
An old woman with a black scarf
begins to carry suitcases — oh, yes, we can do it.
We are making plans. The first day, relax a woman says
The activity is for tomorrow.
But we are only here til Saturday.
Trying to remember more clearly Istanbul and the conference.